Mulberry Lane School of Music


Private Piano and Voice Lessons:
Mulberry Lane offers voice and piano lessons for young children up to adults of all ages. Lessons are designed to accommodate the studentís individual needs with the option of preparing for Royal Conservatory Exams or festivals. Recitals, singing parties, and piano parties are offered to students so they can share their love of music with family and their peers! Please refer to the studio news link for the calendar of events.

Piano and the Young Child:
Lessons for the four to five year old require a creative and unique approach. Children at this age are delightfully curious about music. They love to move to music and use their imaginations. With this in mind, lessons involve engagement at the piano, movement and rhythm games, listening to CDs, and playing simple percussion instruments while learning musical concepts focusing on piano skills. Lesson books are designed for the young beginner at the pre-reading level.

Singing and the Young Child:
Voice lessons for the five to six year old require an approach that stimulates the childís imagination. Children love to create and explore. The lessons are designed to allow the child to discover vocal sounds in a healthy and fun way. Repertoire is geared toward the young child with themes that they can easily relate to. Lessons involve vocal play, dramatic play, and movement, while learning vocal skills.


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