Mulberry Lane Music Studio


  1. Materials
    Students are required to purchase their own repertoire books or other materials (eg. accompaniment CDs) as required. Students must bring their music books and homework book to each lesson.
  2. Practice and Preparation
    Students are expected to be prepared for each lesson. Students must practice regularly to achieve steady progress. At least 5 days a week of practice is suggested as a minimum. With younger students, parent involvement is extremely helpful. Tips for how to do this are suggested during contact time at the end of the lesson. Parents can help by reading the studentís homework assignments each week. Many students have found that a set practice time each week to be very helpful: perhaps before school or after supper. Practicing is very important in learning any new skill. Practice helps students gain confidence in what they are learning.
  3. Piano Lessons
    Students taking piano lessons must have a piano or a digital keyboard (with 88 touch-sensitive and weighted keys) for home practice. The piano should be in good condition and properly tuned. If the piano sounds unpleasant, students do not find playing and practicing to be an enjoyable experience.
  4. Voice Lessons
    Voice students are not required to have a piano to practice with at home. If students are studying piano as well as voice, they will need a suitable piano as mentioned previously. Voice students will require the use of a CD player at home to practice their songs.
  5. Accompanists
    Voice students will not need an accompanist for weekly lessons as I will play for them. Students will need to hire an accompanist for recitals, festivals, exams, or auditions. I have a regular studio accompanist that students can hire for these occasions. If students choose to use a different accompanist, they must be professionally trained. Students are required to rehearse with their accompanist before any performance, no exceptions. The accompanist and vocalist work as a team in preparation and performance so rehearsal together is extremely important. Accompanist fees vary depending on the event. Accompanist fees are not included in term payment fees.
  6. Attendance and Missed Lessons
    Students are expected to attend a weekly lesson to achieve steady progress. A minimum of a 30 minute weekly lesson is needed for a beginning student. More advanced students will need 45 or 60 minute lessons as required. The time that you have booked for your weekly lesson is yours and is of no use for anyone else as long as you have that time. The student is responsible for their lesson time whether they attend or miss the lesson. Make-up lessons will be offered for students who give 1 weekís notice for planned events such as trips or school concerts. 24 hour notice is required for illness and unexpected emergencies.
  7. Students who do not show for lessons without notice will not be offered make-up lessons regardless of the reason. Consideration will be taken for students who become suddenly ill or for snow days; in this case, students should still inform me. If you need to cancel a lesson, please call me to notify me as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made. Missed lessons are made up at my discretion and depend on the studentís need and my availability. Lessons missed by the teacher will definitely be made up. Make-up lessons are limited to a maximum of 3 per year and must be completed in the term. Sorry, there will be no credits.


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