Kathy offers piano lessons for beginners and intermediate students. The lessons are taught with sensitivity to each students learning style and goals. Students are taught skills to play with confidence and ease whether it's for recreation, working on RCM levels, reading lead sheets or performing. Kathy teaches note reading, ear training, sight reading, improvising and composition. Music Theory is taught in the beginning during the piano lesson but as the student's progress extra time is needed to teach theory.

Kathy's lessons focus on developing technical skills, creativity and exploration. Learning to play the piano is complex and requires a variety of skills. Kathy teaches with clear expectations and consistency in an encouraging environment. Lesson are available in-person or on-line. Lessons are available for 30 min. 45 min. or 60 min. Kathy offers a free consultation to discuss goals, expectations and answers questions.

What Parents and Students Say...

Thank you for bringing out the talent and potential in Kamryn. We are so very pleased with all your hard work with her. She adores you. Thank you for the doors you've opened for her and the chance to perform at the Gala, so exciting! Kelly