It is important to establish healthy singing habits right from the start. Kathy uses a whole body approach to singing. As a Vocal Specialist Kathy has spent years training and learning from experts on the mechanics of the voice. It is important that students learn why they practice certain techniques and how their body produces sound. Kathy gives tools to help students sing with ease and confidence as they learn about their unique instrument. She teaches a variety of styles including classical, musical theatre and pop. Lesson are in-person. Lessons are available for 30 min, 45 min.or 60 min. Kathy offers a free consultation to discuss goals, expectations and answer questions.

What Parents and Students Say...

Thank you so much for your wonderful Music programs and fantastic teaching style. Anna absolutely adored being in your class and can't wait to start again in September. Thank you also for continuing to be such an amazing contributor to the vibrancy and wonder of our community. Your school is WONDERFUL! Dalyce, Jason and Anna

Thank you so much for helping me with finding and learning my songs for the Music Festival. Thank you for coming to all the performances and for making time to have extra rehearsals. Lynnea and Ellen